Our mission


Always attentive to the environment, Tancredi Fruit farm produces all types of cultivation trying to limit the use of pesticides by using the "integrated farming" protocol and basing the cultivation method on the constant search for quality . Expert in both traditional and hydroponic crops, the company's mission, since its beginnings, is an agriculture that is able to combine the best love for tradition and the need for innovation.


A constantly evolving work approach with the times, which translates into the continuous monitoring of crops and the use of natural pollination systems, through which the Tancredi Fruit farm aims to obtain a "zero residual" product "and, consequently, to limit the environmental impact due to the use of chemical products to an absolute minimum.


It is the constant use of the most modern technologies combined with the constant attention to the health of its customers to make Tancredi Fruit, one of the companies able to stand out among the excellences of the sector.