Innovation and sustainability


The use of air-conditioned glass greenhouses and innovative technologies, such as computerized climate control or artificial lighting, make Tancredi Fruit one of the most advanced companies on the national territory, constantly committed to sustainability.


The Tancredi Fruit farm, in fact, in addition to using renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaics, uses various methods to meet the needs of the company to achieve significant savings in energy resources.


In the hydroponic field, it is the use of glass greenhouses equipped with anti-insect nets to allow the isolation of the internal environment from the outside and to prevent the intrusion of pathogens within the growing environment, consequently reducing the use of of pesticides. For this purpose, insects useful natural antagonists of the parasites are also introduced into the greenhouses, following a protocol of biological control.


Furthermore, the computerized control of the climatic factors and the recovery of the nutrient solution drained downstream of the plant to be re-used with new mixtures allows the Tancredi Fruit company to save water and fertilizers by limiting the dispersion in the aquifers and thus giving proof of great attention to the environment.