Hydroponic crops / Tomatoes

Tomato ‘Cuore di bue’


Among the different tomato species grown by Tancredi Fruit, there is the most consumed tomato in Italy:’cuore di bue’variety. Privileged in salad dressing, the ‘cuore di bue’ has a typical pear shape, a fleshy pulp and a smooth, thin skin. Its origins date back to 1500, when the United States spread throughout Europe, particularly favoring places where the climate is mild and sunny. Among the hydroponic cultivations, it is the one that requires an average temperature of about 23 degrees, therefore suitable for the middle seasons, ideal to grow in spring or autumn.


Equipped with variable dimensions, it has a sweet taste and slightly floury pulp. It contains glucose and fructose which give it a sweet but also acid taste. The tomato juice is particularly refreshing and is characterized by its astringent and diuretic properties.